Corse Aug 2019

Last August, we flew to Corsica for a couple of days. Our plane was one of the DA40s at Altenrhein. Originally, the goal was to fly to Corsica’s Figari du Sud airport, but they were out of parking space for airplanes. So, we decided to fly to Ajaccio airport (in the west of Corsica) instead. By the way, Ajaccio is also the birth place of Napoleon.

We considered a stopover in Genoa but decided against it. In order to maximise our range, we flew with a low power setting, which doesn’t require as much fuel as the normal cruise setting.

Our hotel, the Miramar, was situated in Propriano, about one hour south of Ajaccio. The hotel is quite beautiful, with excellent service and great food (although quite pricy). The massage service was out of this world. The only downside is that the hotel, while it has beautiful views of the coast, is almost directly above a road. You don’t see it for the most part, but it does spoil the romanticism a bit.

We also had the opportunity to visit Bonifacio, a picturesque city at the top of the cliff at the very south end of Corsica.

You just gotta love French food and the food in Corsica especially – with all the fresh fish and the other seafood. It’s just awesome. Plus, the island is so beautiful. I think I want to move there.

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