About Me

Professional life

I’m a specialist in laboratory medicine, working at the Medical Central Laboratories in Feldkirch, Austria. 

Our laboratories provide lab results for 5 local hospitals as well as a significant number of practitioners.

I’m particularly interested in haemostaseology, haematology and transfusion medicine.


I love to travel and explore new places – either going there the usual way with the large, commercial jets or flying there myself (in a significantly smaller airplane – usually a 4 seater).

I also enjoy running (ok, jogging) and hiking (definitely no bicycling though). Scuba diving is one of my favorite pastimes when I get the chance (i.e. mostly on vacation).

Apart from that, I enjoy reading a good book when the weather gets cold in autumn and cuddling with one (or several) of our four Norwegian forest cats.

Once in a while, I also get up to a sewing project.