Marseille, July 2023

oh my god the food … I think I need to relocate to France.

Marseille has history. The old port, the cathedral, the fort, the prison island ch√Ęteau d’If that inspired Dumas’ classic the Count of Monte Cristo – the age of the city is evident in the heat-battered stone around you. The city also has very modern parts – towering ferries dock on a regular basis, slowly inching their way past the old port to the newer and considerably bigger harbor to the west. Especially the old city has a high number of excellent restaurants, of which many also offer views of the ocean. The food is just on another level altogether. All this is set in the beautiful landscapes of the Provence – close by you will find both picturesque lavender fields and the marshes of the Camargue with its famous white horses, the biggest population of flamingos in France and pink salt fields. Have I mentioned the food?

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