Singapore, Jan 2024

I was very impressed with Singapore – it’s a beautiful city, very modern but also very green. In fact, a lot of buildings – skyscrapers and even bridges – have plants growing up on them. To me, it felt like an embodiment of a city of the future – the combination of modern living/buildings with nature. Lush, tropical vegetation combined with the ocean, every amenity a large city can offer, and utter cleanliness. I also felt very safe there. From using the subway to exploring the city and some of the outskirts – there was not one moment that I felt uncomfortable.

It is well worth exploring the sights – from the iconic cloud forest dome, the supertree grove, and the Gardens by the Bay to Marina Bay and the Merlion, little India with the Sri Veeramakaliamman temple, and Chinatown with the Buddha tooth relic temple – the variety on offer makes it easy to pass the time. I would also recommend taking a river cruise at night to enjoy the city lights. Unsurprisingly, the food on offer is also excellent.

The only drawback is the humidity. Getting close to 100% on a daily basis, it feels like being in a very wet sauna. The minute you step outside, you are drenched in sweat. At least if you are used to a more European climate. I really don’t know how the locals manage and whether it is similarly bothersome to them. Probably not.

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