Dijon June 2019

Above a thick cloud cover, we flew into Dole airport, which is situated close to Tavaux. Unfortunately the rental car we booked (ok somebody thought he had booked it but the confirmation never came) wasn’t available so we got around by taxi (don’t do, quite expensive).
After we got the lack of rental car figured out, we visited a cave close to Besanรงon, la grotte d’osselle. I actually understood the French guide there – how cool is that? After that, we drove to Djon, where we spent two nights at the Grand Hotel La Cloche. The hotel itself is quite beautiful, and the staff at the reception was exceptional. I also quite liked the city itself, although admittedly, we didn’t venture much beyond the city center.

Have I already mentioned that I love French food?

Plane: DA40,
Airport of departure: Altenrhein LSZR,
Airport of destination: Dole LFGJ,
flight rules: IFR

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