dry suit diving and camera

Well, Covid19 has calmed down enough to allow (local) cross-border travelling, pilot licenses were renewed last minute and our new dry suits have been delivered. Time to go diving 😎.

While Matt was busy with his side mount course, I took a serious look at underwater photography. I love taking pictures both above and below water, but so far I’ve always had to rent some crap camera for the underwater part. The cost for housings, domes, strobes and all the rest is enough to leave you breathless. Yet, being able to dive at home has given me an incentive to finally take that plunge 😁. May my bank balance forgive me.

Anyway, one underwater photography course later, I’m ready to head out into the (mostly) green lake waters and start experimenting. Maybe I’ll throw in a side mount course for good measure 🤔

first experiments with strobes…

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