Rome, March 2023

It’s been ages since I last travelled to Rome. I still remember being impressed by the history, by the mastery of the buildings, the sculptures and the narrow, winding streets that connect some of the most iconic buildings Rome has to offer. In some ways, it can almost become too much. Another fountain, another work of art, another church – after a few days I always end up becoming somewhat desensitized to all the spendor around me. Nonetheless, there are some points that always stand out to me in Rome – the Pantheon and the Colosseum being on top of the list.

Ostia antica
Ostia antica was, as the name suggests, the old harbor city of Rome. Visiting this place is like stepping back in time. It is just possible to imagine how people lived there, where they bathed, where they went to draw water, the location of the barracks, what the market looked like with its different mosaics identifying both the stalls wares and vendors. There are temples and open places, small alleys a main streets and an amphitheater. TEven after two thousand years, the whole city layout remains visible today.

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